Serving the world on a spoon since 1990



15 years of culinary experience

It all began with one dish but unlike most dishes Francis Otoo had created, this one was eaten and loved by Former President Bill Clinton. It was this meal that launched Chef Otoo into becoming the head chef at the Embassy of Ghana. After 15 years in the culinary world, Chef Otoo and his wife, Sarah Otoo  continue to embrace every opportunity and considers each competition and state dinner a "privilege and an honor."

cooking as an art

Originally training to become a dietitian, Chef Otoo discovered his passion for nutritional, healthy cooking. Balancing work and school, he attained the highest culinary degree in Ghana and continued his education with numerous classes in London and the United States. Despite his years of training, Chef Otoo continues to view "cooking as an art" and approaches each dish with a creative mindset.